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Welcome to Freefora

Welcome to Freefora, the forum dedicated to Free Speech. While Freefora seeks to provide a maximally free forum for discussion, there are still a few rules. Familiarize yourself with the Freefora Rules. If you are so inclined, join the Uncivilized Discussion group to gain access to the most ‘lawless’ section of Freefora.

There are three primary categories on Freefora:

  1. Civilized Discussion
  2. Less Civilized Discussion
  3. Uncivilized Discussion

Categories are ‘ranked’ in order of permissiveness (e.g., what is disallowed in Civilized Discussion may be allowed in Less Civilized Discussion and is almost certainly allowed in Uncivilized Discussion). If you are unsure of the rules, feel free to seek clarification in the Freefora Rules Discussion topic.